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What's Under Foot

September 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Tile Spa Dam WallDeco Tile and Tahoe Blue Pebble with Teal Glass floor surface.












Over the summer I've been working with a client that's in construction but a bit different then restaurant construction, something we can all appreciate, especially living here in the Sacramento Valley with our hot weather - Pool Time Pool & Spa. I spent my time with them photographing beautiful pools - I know, what a tough gig - and then creating a new brand image starting with their web site and Houzz account.  Today we launched the new site.


What was interesting to me of course were the similarities I found with materials that made up the hard surfaces, just like with The Bar at Morgan's On Main project.  This past week for The Bar we've been installing the flooring - tile was first, hardwood floors and epoxy flooring (a multi layer process of sand and resin made up of prepolymers and polymers).


Pool StepsCamaroon Black Pebble Floor with Abalone Shells. For the pool surfaces materials can include tile, glass, pebbles and mini pebbles (to replicate sand for a beach entrance into a pool) and one pool even had abalone shell.


Surrounding the pool can be anything from stamped concrete, bluestone, marble, granite and brick - sound familiar?


Copper Pot Water FeatureRepetitive line up of small water falls.

I love using lighting as a special feature in my spaces, the cherry on top if you will or "surprise" look at me aren't I fabulous.  For the pool it's the water feature.  These beauty's take on a life of there own with the constant flow of water running over their surfaces - copper, steel, rock, stone - you name it, it's probably found it's way to a water feature.


Just like in The Bar, pool surfaces take you from one area to another, allow for our feet to experience varying palpable textures, upon connection produce sound, and visually lets your space tell a story.


Beach EntryMini pebbles used to create sand to give this pool a beach entrance.



Painting The Bar

September 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I love paint and the versatility it brings to design, besides the obvious, it can act as a mood setter, be the grounding of a room, create volume or make a space feel cozy.  My first approach to paint is how it can move your eye around a room and take you from one end to another as you walk throughout an entire space – so when selecting the pigments I’m making sure to stay true to that journey, forming connections as people move in, out and around the interior and exterior. When you stand in any particular spot in a room, be it your home or a public space, you usually don’t just see the immediate walls around you.  You see trim to doorways, ceilings and partial walls to other rooms.  That is all taken into consideration when creating the flow of the color palette.

For Morgan’s On Main I built the color palette by first selecting the flooring, due to it being the largest continued surface besides the brick walls.  The floor also had to play a part in toning down the very orangey hue of the brick and ground the long narrow room that is reminiscent of a bowling alley when empty.  The key to this was finding flooring whose undertones would be drawn out by the brick color, thus blending well together.


The next main element being brought into the space was the reclaimed wood, again the tones of that wood had to merge well with the other two surfaces.   These three elements are what lead me to the paint selection – a combination of dark and light tones that would bring out certain highlights and low values of the woods.


There are four paint colors being used in The Bar, at first you’ll see a neutral range but with a closer look you’ll see cool and warm tones playing off each other to connect all the surfaces, producing a very inviting color way. 



Four-Weeks of Progress

August 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

day before demo I'm usually on site for The Bar project daily but a few days last week I had a prior commitment to teach up in the Sierra's at Camp Sacramento. Today upon my return there were some pleasant surprises - for the past four weeks, seeing the construction day by day, it starts to feel like everything is moving at a turtle's pace. Demo, clean-up, trenching, framing, laying all kinds of pipes, wiring for all kinds of stuff and the list goes on.

But when you miss it for a length of time, it's as if the hare stepped in. Of course all along progress was happening and when you start seeing the underbelly of finishes start to appear, you get a little giddy.

Today the face of the bar appeared with the kick plate and shaker style outer skin making an appearance.


first day of demo


almost clear

framing coming together



inner skin applied


ceiling all wired up - time for dry wall

kick plate and outer skin applied to bar

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